Lies, Damned Lies, and the Democratic Party: Part II

Wisconsinites of good character and conscience will have to hold their noses if they plan to vote for a Democrat this fall.

In yet another astoundingly blatant lie, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin has revealed its abject lack of character by manipulating a video of Gov. Scott Walker for a Mary Burke ad exploiting the dead-end John Doe investigation against him.

It’s a lie so patently false the Journal Sentinel’s Politifact issued it a Pants On Fire rating:

The Dem video, in its editing of the WTMJ clip, leaves the viewer with the misleading and ridiculous impression that Walker is somehow admitting guilt in the case.

That’s the definition of Pants on Fire.

The clip manipulates a TV interview of Gov. Walker in which he’s asked if he had anything to do with a “criminal scheme” (yet another narrative based on zero facts) and in which he emphatically said no, and makes it look like Walker nodded yes, admitting to the world his involvement in a nefarious criminal enterprise.

It’s photoshop politics at its worst, and the Democrats are relying on the complacency of the average voter. The Democratic Party of Wisconsin will ignore criticism and shaming by the media and hope that the truth doesn’t reach enough voters before election day.

The stunt mirrors another outright lie the DPW pushed until it was no longer politically advantageous to do so, which claimed Walker was forced to quit college more than two decades ago. That lie served only the end goal of letting people know Walker doesn’t have a college degree, that he’s corrupt, or whatever their narrative at the time was. It’s a smear by the seething mass of liars that the state’s Democratic Party functionaries have become in recent years, a party dying to win at any cost.

The DPW thugs could care less how much these baseless attacks deepen the partisan rift, how much bitterness they sow, or how high the cost is to open and honest democracy. So long as it furthers their narrative, you can bet your own warchest they’ll keep lying to Wisconsin without scruple or introspection. That’s simply the behavior of a party with no record of positive achievement since before Tommy Thompson and a bench so thin no sitting Democrat legislator could be chosen to face Walker.

This kind of tactic, though, is a huge risk that’s more characteristic of a campaign in a desperate scramble to mobilize the last few thousand votes than one that’s confident it can still win on the issues. That’s especially true in Wisconsin, where most voters on both sides still hold a modest standard of honesty and fair play. We’re a decent people who would rather vote for someone of good conscience with whom we disagree than a liar with no conscience who we agree with.

This latest lie is also built off of another lie, the John Doe investigations, in which some Democratic prosecutors accused Walker of that “criminal scheme” several years ago. Anyone can accuse someone of anything, and those in a prosecutors’ office have the privilege of putting their accusations on legal letterhead. The whole ordeal is a drive-by shooting, spackled and painted by the media only after the damage was done. It’s also a mistake, another kick in the pants for potentially complacent Walker supporters who are as outraged now as they were when they turned out at the polls in droves in 2012.

Ironically, one of Mary Burke’s recent ads claims we can’t trust Gov. Walker, but that’s just another fiction Burke and her DPW allies are trying to write. Average voters will punish them for their deception; Republicans will be more motivated than ever to defend Walker; and Democrats of good conscience will be disgusted.

This time the media was hot on the case, to their credit trying to shine light on the latest smear by the intellectually devoid DPW in defense of a candidate who is wholly unprepared to be the governor and who is hardly capable of inspiring The Left’s grassroots.

The ad is called “Wisconsin deserves better.” Indeed, Wisconsin does deserve better than a party that has no qualms with lying time after time directly to the Wisconsin voter in its desperate bid to carry out a vendetta that for them is personal rather than about the future of Wisconsin.

About the writer: Chris Rochester is editor in chief of Morning Martini. He’s an armchair politico, veteran of several campaigns, and communications specialist. He's the communications director for the MacIver Institute. Commentary here is strictly his own.