On Local Elections and the State Treasurer’s Future

Today is an important day for two reasons.

First, it’s the State Senate’s last day in session for the year and it doesn’t appear they’ll take up a bill to do away with the Office of the State Treasurer. We reported earlier that the whip count in the Senate wasn’t looking favorable, and it seems all but assured now the bill to eliminate the office won’t see the floor.

That of course is good. We’re firm believers that efforts to eliminate these constitutional offices is bad for the state. It shifts duties to unelected bureaucrats like the GAB and away from officers directly accountable to the people.

It’s also local election day around the state. This post summarizes interesting local races statewide, and this one pulls out a few in specific. Our favorite is this post, though, because we wrote it and it’s on our site. It also highlights an interesting set of campaigns in La Crosse where nine county board races crystallize the difference in direction between fiscal conservatives and the entrenched liberals that now run the county government.

Tuesday will be a very interesting day.

About the writer: Chris Rochester is editor in chief of Morning Martini. He’s an armchair politico, veteran of several campaigns, and communications specialist. He's the communications director for the MacIver Institute. Commentary here is strictly his own.