NR on Democrat Snobbery

At National Review, Kevin D. Williamson expertly and efficiently eviscerates John Stewart:

Mr. Stewart is among the lowest forms of intellectual parasite in the political universe, with no particular insights or interesting ideas of his own, reliant upon the very broadest and least clever sort of humor, using ancient editing techniques to make clumsy or silly political statements sound worse than they are and then pantomiming outrage at the results, the lowbrow version of James Joyce giving the hero of Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man the unlikely name of Stephen Dedalus and then having other characters in the novel muse upon the unlikelihood of that name. His shtick is a fundamentally cowardly one, playing the sanctimonious vox populi when it suits him, and then beating retreat into “Hey, I’m just a comedian!” when he faces a serious challenge. It is the sort of thing that you can see appealing to bright, politically engaged 17-year-olds.

As a member of the Democrat High-Brow, Mr. Stewart doesn’t adopt the Democrat label, but he certainly is one, notwithstanding his selectively groomed and fence-straddling opinions.

A note: As a matter of style at Morning Martini, I use Democrat derogatorily, usually when Democratic would be grammatically and functionally correct. Ever since reading an NPR denunciation of the term’s misuse, I’ve made it a goal to apply it liberally in the hopes of being an irritant to those it describes.

Whole thing here.

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