Mary Burke’s Counterslap

Earlier today I wrote that Ms. Burke’s next attack ad would be described in the context of responding to the Republican Governors Association’s big media spend:

Now any media buy on par or exceeding those already made will be couched in terms of a political defense strategy, demonizing the mean ol’ Republicans who drew the first blood; they’d just be playing catch-up.

An ad debuted today, and here’s how MJS describes it:

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 8.41.11 PM

“Responding to a barrage of attack ads…”

A barrage?

It’s the subtlety of the media’s coverage that indicts its systematic hatred for conservatism, the exact subtleties enlightened Democrats liken themselves to understand fully while rejecting conservatives as stupid.

Notice the caption — it’s Mary Burke hitting the governor on jobs. None of the headlines about the RGA’s ad had much to do with the contents of the ad itself.

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