News to be made in Secretary of State race today

We’ve confirmed that there will be a major announcement on Wednesday that might set the tectonic plates in motion among the four Republicans vying to replace 36-year Dem incumbent Secretary of State Doug La Follette.

We speculated earlier that La Crosse’s Julian Bradley was the frontrunner. The reason: we’ve done work for him. But that also means we’re in the front row, witnessing the aggressive grassroots campaign he’s running, a schedule that would even have Siri crying uncle.

The news will center around and back up our assertion that the party will eventually rally around Mr. Bradley; the campaign will make the official announcement early tomorrow, at which time we’ll elaborate.

The other GOP candidates include Rohn Bishop and Bill Folk, potentially strong contenders, and Jay Schroeder, an Eliminator whose surrogate at the Chippewa Falls GOP caucus called Doug La Follette “Bob La Follette.”

About the writer: Chris Rochester has worked in communications and finance for a state Senate and congressional campaign, consulted on numerous Assembly and local races, and has held leadership roles in his local Republican Party. He's communications director for the MacIver Institute. Commentary here is strictly his own.