Macco Makes a Move

The same day Rep. John Klenke announced he wouldn’t seek re-election to the 88th Assembly district, a well-known name started the ball rolling on replacing him.

John Macco, a Green Bay area businessman and 2012 candidate for State Senate, set up a new Facebook page declaring himself a candidate for the seat, which Rep. Klenke has held for two terms. The page has garnered nearly 300 likes in just a day.

Mr. Macco will be a strong candidate. While he lost to incumbent State Senator Dave Hansen in ’12 with 47 percent of the vote, he took a respectable total considering Sen. Hansen’s 12-year tenure and Mr. Macco’s starting point as a practical political newbie. He built solid name recognition and a respectable brand.

Mr. Macco ran a good race, one that was fought hard not just by him but by his family.

There is very little doubt that armies of The Left, led by the soulless One Wisconsin Now, will continue their assault on Mr. Macco’s wife in his bid for the 88th. Nonstop barrages against Suzan Macco in 2012, a cancer survivor, surely whetted the petty left’s appetite for the blood of innocents. The War on Women raged white hot – focusing on the wife of the Republican candidate.

It was ultimately a flaccid attempt at linking Mrs. Macco’s controversial and cheeky tweets to her husband, part of a larger nationwide farce/narrative wherein all Republicans were painted as characters out of a late-1800s melodrama, as either racist extremist freakshows, aloof money-counting fatcats, or both. In the quest to destroy the character of Republicans, no one’s off limits.

Attempts like these to find attack angles and torture them to the point at which credulity snaps like an overextended rubber band may have actually backfired. John earned the endorsements of two major newspapers in the district, the Green Bay Press-Gazette and the Marinette Eagle Herald, an uncommon feat considering, again, the trench out of which the Macco campaign needed to dislodge the incumbent.

Dan Robinson
Dan Robinson

In the 88th, the battle is now joined. Dem Dan Robinson has already declared his candidacy. The Brown County Board member also has three terms of experience on the De Pere City Council, so he’ll likely provide a legitimate challenge.

Mr. Robinson is a “Senior Advisor to the Vice President for Mission and Student Affairs” at St. Norbert College who says he wants to go to Madison “to make sure our economy works for everyone, our schools work for everyone and our government works for everyone.” His Facebook page has several instances of the “making [insert something] work for everyone” talking point. A foreshadow of Mr. Robinson’s strategy?

Remember: John Macco is a fatcat whose favorite hobby is counting money and listening to the screams of his papercut-riddled employees on his iPod.

Anyone who has met Mr. Macco knows that trying to paint a handlebar mustache and ringmaster’s grin on his face will be a stretch.

And if the battle over Facebook likes provides any handicap, the score is Macco-270, Robinson-77. At last count.

About the writer: Chris Rochester has worked in communications and finance for a state Senate and congressional campaign, consulted on numerous Assembly and local races, and has held leadership roles in his local Republican Party. He's communications director for the MacIver Institute. Commentary here is strictly his own.
  • Hacks

    I know lying doesn’t disqualify you from being a paid conservative blogger, but it is not rare for the Marinette paper or the GB franchise of USA Today to endorse Republicans. The Marinette paper literally never endorses Democrats. The Press-Gazette once endorsed a Democrat…but only when Tommy Thompson put off their editorial board by insisting on doing push ups during their interview of him. No lie.

  • John Macco

    Actually the GBPG endorsed Tammy Baldwin while endorsing me, get YOUR facts straight “Hacks”.