Chrissy Sinicki for Prom Queen!

Let’s stop making a big deal about Christine Sinicki’s Facebook profile. It’s obvious she’s a 17 year-old trapped in an 84-year-old woman’s body and is biologically wired to be melodramatic, then to feign shock when mature observers play into it.

(Jeez, Chrissy, it was a joke.)

Following her enlightenting commentary on the State of the State, she cracked off on John Boehner during the State of the Union. Read the details here — they’re uninteresting and have already been reported on.

In response to the JSOnline piece, Ms. Sinicki defended herself: “Oh for crying out loud it was said as a joke in response to other comments…but a Republican can threaten to throw a reporter over a f-ing balcony…give me a break”

This is like when your thirteen-year-old cousin posts a sad-face selfie with the caption “Ugh. Worst. dAy. everrRrRr” then implores everyone who comments on it asking what’s up to “leave me alone, this is none of your beeswax.”

If Chrissy honestly thought this kind of comment would go unnoticed in the wake of last week’s hubbub, she’s genuinely inept.

It was effortlessly established last week that Sinicki Democrats aggressively insulate themselves with other half-wit novice politicos so their griping can echo without argument. Indeed, one of Chrissy’s BFFs commented,

This infuriates me. You have recently set your comments to friends only, so who is betraying your trust? This is so frigging (guess i need to watch my language here) ridiculous. I guess you are not allowed to have your own thoughts and opinions on your PERSONAL page. I think it’s time to skim your friends list. To whoever is doing this to you, go find something more productive to do. Your time could be much better spent than worrying about what cuss word Chris is going to use next. This SHIT is unreal….go ahead and quote me on that.

To which Chrissy replied, ominously,

I know who it was and he has been I friended [sic].


Let’s evaluate the BFF’s comment. We’ll call her Patti, since that’s her name. Patti ends her tirade by writing SHIT in all caps and daring, I assume, the media to quote her on it. But Patti is an emergency room nurse at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center (information gleaned from her Facbeook profile), not an elected representative whose views are subject to scrutiny. No one cares what she thinks.

Such scrutinty might be tired, boring and superfluous in light of weightier issues, but it’s a reality of working in politics today.

I’d like to also consider that Chrissy thinks her wall is now private. Patti alludes to Chrissy having “recently set your comments to friends only.” I honestly hope that Chrissy understands her entire wall is visible to the entire world — only her Facebook friends are able to make comments on her posts, but anyone can see and read them. Queen Bee axed some snitch from the Friends of Chrissy circle for no reason. For the sake of ongoing source material, I surely hope it stays open to the world.

A woman who can’t work Facebook and has been sued three times for failure to make mortgage payments — the self proclaimed “not a financial person”! — gets to vote on a multi-billion dollar state budget, a point established by Dan Bice earlier this year.

The highest office Chrissy Sinicki should be permitted to hold is Prom Queen at Podunk Junior High School.

Here is an opportunity for the State Party to pour real resources into keeping this buffoon from successfully running for another term in office again. And her constituents — the light-hearted, largely disinterested, beer-drinking Packers fans — would be wise to find someone with more style, class and finesse to represent them in Madison. Economic issues are paramount to others, both nationally and in Wisconsin. To drive home this candidate’s own irresponsible personal track record would not be to make cheap shots; they’re relevant details.

As was predicted, in the days following Chrissy’s first comments, there was no wild backlash from her own party, and for the most part, Republicans couldn’t care less. Mary Burke didn’t demand an apology, though she suggested it’s something for which she, personally, would apologize. The governor even laughed them off. It would look small for him to have said anything else. But the political operatives in the state are required to play the game.

Leaving Christine Sinicki alone is a political mistake. An obviously unprepared and childish Democrat representative is making a mockery of herself, her constituency, and her office, and Republicans ought to demolish her public image to clear the way for another win in November. It’s an ugly game, and beneath the dignity of most in the party, but necessary to be successful. She has no credentials, no track record of meaningful policy victories, and certainly not the class her office should demand.

Simple personalities like Ms. Sinicki should not be guaranteed victory. They should be chased out of the Capitol, afraid to ever look back.

About the writer: Nik Nelson is publisher of and Founder/CEO of OpenBox Strategies, where he connects political candidates and small businesses with excellent digital marketing tools and strategies.