The Sinicki Democrats

When, last week, I advocated that Republicans unleash the political fury of a thousand Ann Coulters on Dianne Hesselbein for her minor campaign infraction, the former Chair of the DPW weighed in to tell me to hang it up, for that which I was offering was lame. (Hope you’re still one of the 6 people reading, Joe!)

Perhaps he will also weigh in to defend Rep. Christine Sinicki’s dumb social media tear during the governor’s State of the State address. No doubt he and his ilk will defend this excitable woman-child’s intellectual take on the governor’s proposed policies. In case you missed them:

“OMG…this speech is so full of shit. Wish I could get up and walk out.”

Then, one that would give Noam Chomsky a run for his money:

“Bottom line..the rich get richer and the poor and middle class continue to get kicked in the butt”

Provocative. But wait, there’s more:

“Go to Was that just a commercial?”

Yes it was, toots. The governor is selling the state’s resources and how Wisconsinites can benefit from his policies. But after this Aristotelian analysis, she unironically concludes:

“When are we going to have a real discussion about the cuts to education, throwing people off of unemployment insurance or cutting medical benefits?”

Let’s forgive that this paid representative couldn’t put down her Droid Maxx for like an hour and instead celebrate that she was at least taking notes, not playing Candy Crush. Her comments were obviously red meat for her adoring Facebook friends, with whom she insulates herself in order to receive the occasional attagirl.

Notwithstanding the stupid idea of leaving a personal Facebook page open to the public when filled with such wild partisan rhetoric, it’s downright astounding some of the stuff she’s decided to post there. For example: This video of a toilet coming to life.

Look: I chuckle when someone farts and I laugh at off-color jokes, but that’s a trait that my friends know about me, not something I share with the world on Facebook. It’s irrelevant whether they’re funny; there’s a societal expectation that I behave like an adult. Ms. Sinicki is a 53-year-old elected representative (more than twice my age and all the wiser!), and more should be expected of her in that capacity to demonstrate some class, and literally leave the bathroom humor somewhere else. She implores the governor for a spot at the table to discuss real issues but obviously does not take herself seriously.

It would have been fun to leverage this absurdity into a lengthy post detailing Ms. Sinicki’s sordid history of foreclosures, minor traffic infractions, and delinquent property taxes, just for the sport of it and the opportunity to point a finger and laugh at her misfortune and poor decisions. But you, too, can Google — even you, Joe! — and take a look for yourself, then decide whether or not to revel in her various tribulations.

The Sinicki Democrats are the ones responsible for stunts like the one Democrat Assemblymen pulled when fleeing the state in order to not have to vote on Scott Walker’s aggressive union-busting agenda. They’re the kind who shout loud and proud, point fingers of bigotry and racism where there is none, babble about public unions and union power notwithstanding the economic perils supporting them causes the state. They write childish Facebook posts and can’t explore more complex topics, but they know free birth control and strong unions sure sound nice. They’re the engine of the Democrat Party.

As I’ve been exploring, Democrats beat Republicans by shouting louder and never relenting in order to create the illusion of having superior and more compassionate social and economic policies. It’s an inclusionary party, in that the fringes are usually accepted and often celebrated, and the single-issue voters fit in perfectly, because someone so narrowly-focused is operating on emotional impulse and not necessary pragmatism. This will be evident when the story of Ms. Sinicki’s strange Facebook page never becomes one. Democrats do not demand decorum and class for their adherents; Republicans manifestly do.

There’s an easy parallel to draw between Ms. Sinicki’s social media diarrhea and Joe Wilson’s “You lie!” outburst during the 2009 State of the Union. But there, excepting that it was on a national stage and directed to the world’s most powerful man, Republican leadership immediately decried the “breach of decorum” (that’s what Wikipedia calls it, and I like it), and Rep. Wilson swiftly apologized.

When held to the fire, in my fictional dreamland, Ms. Sinicki will say, “Well I think Scott Walker’s policies are shit!” And her adherents will nod and say “You go girl! How daring!”

A Republican wouldn’t even be able to tweet about the same things during a Mary Burke State of the State without being accused of sexism, misogyny and bigotry before even being able to delete the account. And the ones making those accusations will be the Sinicki Democrats: those who can say anything and remain protected, whether they’re informed, intelligent, or otherwise. Some of them might know that they’re partisan, and they might know they can get away with almost anything, so they’re inclined to be especially audacious. Faced with such crappy evidence, I can’t give Ms. Sinicki the benefit of the doubt.

A Republican wouldn’t be able to dodge arraignments for unpaid traffic violations without being called a criminal. For that matter, he certainly wouldn’t be able to have suffered three mortgage foreclosures over ten years or be delinquent on property taxes without being publicly derided as a tax fraud.

The Sinicki Democrats detest their opposition personally and professionally and have no understanding of political warfare. Their go-to solution is loudmouthed, childish repartee and base dehumanization of Republicans. They’re active, mobile, passionate, and relentless. They knock on doors, talk to their friends, wear political t-shirts,  evangelize their leftist politic and, together, bulldoze anyone who dares to try slowing them down.

This faction has enabled Democrat victories when obviously more qualified Republicans have offer more straightforward and pragmatic solutions, and Republicans must be able to mollify their impact if they are to successfully run candidates for office.

About the writer: Nik Nelson is publisher of and Founder/CEO of OpenBox Strategies, where he connects political candidates and small businesses with excellent digital marketing tools and strategies.