Principled Pants-Wetting

“The moral arrogance which characterizes most of the dissenting units in our society today are going to make democracy impossible.” -William F. Buckley

Just before Black Friday, I discussed the high-minded hysteria behind the cult that so despises that celebration of free-market capitalism.

Now that it’s almost Christmas, the fringe whiners are making their mainstream affiliates look bad again. Their principled indignation, divorced from reality and fueled by single-issue righteousness, makes trusting the vox populi a dubious task. The fervor and excitement they exhibit to execute a full-throated j’accuse suggests they hold such easily-offendable beliefs for the easy opportunity to act offended and have their collective voices heard. Throwing in with a fractious horde helps amplify their point without having to present it in an educated way.

This pre-Yuletide weeks brought to light a smattering of such cases, party affiliation notwithstanding.

A&E’s Clusterduck

By now the implications of A&E censoring Phil Robertson have been extensively parsed on the web and on TV and on talk radio. A&E reacted so fast that Mr. Robertson’s detractors didn’t have the time to soil themselves and rally the troops to make #KillPhil a thing on Twitter for eighteen hours. Instead, GLAAD, within hours, applauded A&E’s almost immediate reaction. Spokesman Wilson Cruz said, “By taking quick action and removing Robertson from future filming, A&E has sent a strong message that discrimination is neither a Christian nor an American value.” Swiftly marginalizing Phil ultimately backfired. GLAAD’s VP of Communications said the organization received an unprecedented deluge of phone calls and social media outbursts. For those who don’t understand how Mr. Robertson’s statements could conceivable offend, A&E comes off as the bigoted and intolerant party here, shutting down the star of a show that chronicles his life for describing a personal belief. Meanwhile, those sympathetic to him are faced with a quandary. Boycotting the show or the whole network is surely a measure of protest, but it also means eliminating the Robertson’s from influence. For their opponents, it’s a win-win.

As is pointed out at NPR, Mr. Robertson also commented on racial issues in America. What he said is irrelevant; that he’s a rich white guy with an opinion on the issue would easily open him up to attacks of racism. What we’ve learned is that the gay community is better-protected than ethnic minorities, and speaks to the left’s diverse bigotry.

Tea Party Delusions

I’m throwing back in with the establishment Republican party. After the details of the Ryan-Murray budget deal incensed fiscal conservatives, they took to writing letters and hammering the Party Elite for betraying their constituents and principles. Talk radio was full of suddenly expert callers who once read an article about the time Mr. Ryan voted to increase spending.

Liberals have thrived on incrementalism since the ’60s. It’s time conservatives embrace the same. The proposed bill is the first to come out of Congress since the Obama Administration took power that liberals didn’t slobber over. With Democrats running the Senate and Mr. Obama in the White House, sweeping budget reform stands no chance of surviving.

Calling this a small victory could been an opportunity to unite the party is not an abandonment of principle. It would have demonstrated even a marginal understanding of political realities.

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