The Stench of Hypocrisy

Last Friday, Scott “Scrooge” Walker asked people to forgo gifts to kids and instead give more money to his own political war chest…I am NOT making this up! Help us do something good for Wisconsin by showing Scott Walker: ’tis the season of giving, not taking!

-Congressman Ron Kind in an email to supporters

Mr. Kind is referring to the latest installment in fake-scandalmania, a kerfuffle where a Walker aide who sent a tacky fundraising letter soon received a pink slip for in the past tweeting stream-of-thought rants about Latinos worthy of a third grader who’s been surreptitiously watching her parents’ Bob Saget standup routines on DVD.

‘Tis the season for political hypocrisy.

The hypocrisy wafting around Wisconsin right now has many levels, like a seven layer bean salad – and smells the same after a while, combining Tacky-Fundraising-Tweetergate with equally bad turns by those on the left throwing the stones.

Mr. Walker’s fundraising appeal, the one that brought Ms. Palmisano heckles from the left-wing peanut gallery, was indeed tacky. It suggested that parents forego a gift for their kids this holiday season and instead donate to the Walker campaign and, “help give your children the gift of a Wisconsin that we can all be proud of.” Democrats are having a field day, as the more-bitterly-partisan-by-the-minute Congressman’s email shows.

Silent were they though when Barack Obama did almost exactly the same thing in a campaign that left stretch marks on the limits of eyeball rolling fundraising strategies. In 2012, the Obama campaign suggested donating to him instead of buying gifts for your friends’ birthdays and weddings. For a brief moment it was the butt of conservative jokes, jokes that it seems the right may also be hoping people forgot.

What a long slide 2008’s Hope and Change hipster made to in 2012 devolve into “that guy” with eyes still so glazed at the visage of the Illustrious Leader that he’ll now add indulging his own love for Obama to buying saplings in sub-Saharan Africa as acceptable gifts for his so-called friends.

What goes for the left also goes for the right, because we’re all flesh and blood, so parents, take heed. Only take Ms. Palmisano’s advice if you planned on giving your kids coal.

Tacky-Fundraising-Tweetergate didn’t stop with the letter. Ms. Palmisano’s downfall came when Dan Bice of the JS unearthed two profane tweets from early 2011 in which she impatiently screeches to the whole world about “that illegal mex” and “#illegalaliens.” Her tweets were windows into her mind, sure, but they also revealed gaps in Mr. Walker’s armor, indicating further his team might not be up to the B-level of politics.

His 2014 opponent Mary Burke is using her extensive personal wealth to purchase a ticket to the B-level – she’s bought a slate of veterans of the DNC and Obama campaigns. D.C. Democrats are stocking Ms. Burke’s conference room and making Wisconsin a proxy war in the runup to 2016. She’s like a mini-Hillary, anointed already and everything.

Included in Ms. Burke’s new slate of advisers is a disgraced veteran of the labor movement and the Jamie Wall congressional campaign, Paula Zellner, who got slapped for a rowdy protest in Racine that got so raucous that some of the elderly guests were “visibly traumatized…trembling and near tears” at the behavior of Ms. Zellner and her mob, who tried to grab one 75-year-old old lady, mocked her, and forced her into a group photo.

Ms. Zellner faced a fine for violating a local ordinance forbidding protests at private residences, just one in a long litany of evidence the left has no limits on where it will send its mobs. Forget bad tweets, how about assailing the elderly?

She’s got all this energy and “she’ll make sure we’re harnessing that energy as we build a professional, statewide campaign organization to take on Scott Walker,” Burke’s flack Joe Zepecki said. I’m not so sure about professional, but maybe a wild-eyed, frenetic, overcaffeinated union organizer hitting doors in suburban Green Bay is just what the Burke campaign needs.

That outrage over Ms. Palmisano’s tactless tweets? Democrats will surely convince themselves that that’s different. Scott Walker bad, Mary Burke good.

It’s fine that people are given a break. We all do and say dumb things, and all of us have personality ticks that look really bad copy-and-pasted out of Twitter. Maybe other disgraced politicos will one day make a comeback – I’m pulling for Graeme Zielinski to get back in the DPW saddle if he ever makes parole.

But the left-right sniping is merely red meat for the bases of each party about which the average voter will most likely never find out and almost certainly would dismiss as more of the same political gutrot. It’s cheap, demands people ignore and excuse your missteps while going overboard in excoriating your opponents, and might be a required part of the deliciously deceptive recipe Ms. Burke will need to bring to a rolling boil in order to stir up a recallista base that’s not particularly enthused about her.

Hypocritical talking points work because the targeted electorate buy in. If such tactics ricocheted off the hard surface of a cynical, clinical population they wouldn’t be used.

Ultimately it’s up to voters to discern for themselves what’s the truth and what’s the reindeer droppings because they give the gift of votes. Maybe it’s time for Santa to deliver some coal.

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About the writer: Chris Rochester has worked in communications and finance for a state Senate and congressional campaign, consulted on numerous Assembly and local races, and has held leadership roles in his local Republican Party. He's communications director for the MacIver Institute. Commentary here is strictly his own.