Senator Joe Leibham to face Martha Laning: 9th Senate District

My opponents in Madison have already announced a candidate to run against me and have pledged to spend whatever is necessary from their special interest friends across the nation to defeat me and reverse the progress we have made.

My goal is to again run a grassroots campaign that is strongly funded by good friends and local supporters like you.

State Senator Joe Leibham (R-WI9) in an email

So the race in the 9th Senate district is on, pitting 12-year incumbent Senator Joe Leibham against Democrat Martha Laning.

Ms. Laning
Ms. Laning

Ms. Laning is a community leader who helped found the Plymouth Intergenerational Center. According to their website, “The Plymouth Intergenerational Coalition (PIC) is a non-profit organization formed through a grassroots partnership with a vision to create an environmentally friendly facility where generations come together to learn, support one another, share skills, promote health and strengthen families.” So it’s basically a leftist community center.

After what seems to be a solid run, raising $4.7 million for the organization, Ms. Laning resigned for “personal reasons.” Heretofore, she has no political experience.

After two terms in the Assembly Mr. Leibham won the Senate seat after defeating incumbent Democrat Jim Baumgart in 2002, winning two elections since. In his last election he beat his opponent with an astounding 71 percent of the vote.

Liebham has been a reasonable member of the Senate, a leader on his share of issues, and a solid conservative.

The Ninth District includes eastern Sheboygan County, southern Manitowoc County and parts of eastern Calumet County.

War On Women Update:

Sen. Leibham sponsored a bill that would ban abortions based on whether the fetus is male or female, which is known as sex selection, a common practice in one-child China. This is a very moral and worthy pursuit, but the bill was shelved because Democrats threatened “all-out Hell” over this and another measure that would tighten the regulations on killing babies.

Leibham being male and pro-life, and his opponent being a woman, I think we can expect a storm of gender baiting in this race.

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About the writer: Chris Rochester has worked in communications and finance for a state Senate and congressional campaign, consulted on numerous Assembly and local races, and has held leadership roles in his local Republican Party. He's communications director for the MacIver Institute. Commentary here is strictly his own.