Power Lunch: Palermo's union efforts stalled…oddly

Opening Remarks

The complaint effectively will prevent workers from having a chance to vote on whether they want a union, company spokesman Evan Zeppos said in a statement. “It is shameful manipulation of the legal process,” he said.


Read that again. Wuhhh? Palermo’s employees filed a complaint with the NLRB, yet that complaint will delay the process of unionizing for employees, a company spokesman complained?

Why would a union need more time to organize? Why would a company bemoan the fact that a complaint the union filed will delay the effort to unionize? Simple.

Support for the union isn’t that strong among employees and the company would like to hold a vote sooner rather than later before the union can go around seeding disgruntlement among employees. Unions were originally intended to protect workers who were not only dissatisfied but endangered and bedraggled by workplace conditions. In that context, unionization was a positive for America’s middle class.

But not only are Palermo’s workers not currently disgruntled, the union needs more time to disgruntle them to pave the way for their union. No wonder Palermo’s is resisting with all their strength, including very dubious claims by the union that they’re interfering with unionization talks.

As a human resources grad with plenty of paper cuts on my nose and case studies under my belt, my instincts tell me a few throngs of employees were standing around shooting the shah about the union when they were told to get back to work (an activity that would probably fly under a union contract, of course). That is most likely the basis for their “complaint” to the NLRB, which by now is stacked with pro-sloth Obama appointees.

The union is being organized by Voces de la Frontera, a group that claims to support immigrants’ rights. In 2012 they were involved in forcing the legal segregation of black and Hispanic communities after redistricting, which ignored racial distinctions in Milwaukee.

Okay, so they’re electoral segregationists and neo-racists. Why are they organizing a union? The answer is the same for both: their leftist philosophy is overriding.

I for one will be enjoying a Palermo’s pizza tonight.

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