Mary Burke’s veneer thin enough to see through; Walker offers more tax relief

Opening Remarks

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke made sure to tout her jobs records in the video announcing her candidacy this week.

“I spent a few years as Wisconsin’s commerce secretary, focused every day on creating jobs,” Burke says in the three-minute plug. “We’ve reopened the mill in Park Falls, brought Uline to Kenosha, and helped entrepreneurs and new businesses start up and grow.”

The promo piece came as a shock to one business leader: the chief executive officer of Uline Inc.

“When I saw it, I said, ‘Holy moly, what the heck is this?'” said Richard Uihlein, who with his wife, Elizabethowns Uline, a packaging supply company. “I don’t even know her. That’s the strange part of it.”

Uihlein said he and his wife were in touch with a lot of state and local officials when they were expanding their operations and moving the corporate headquarters to Pleasant Prairie several years ago.

The 68-year-old businessman said he met Gov. Jim Doyle at a press conference. He also chatted several times with Burke’s successor, former Commerce Secretary Richard Leinenkugel.

But Uihlein — a big-time financial supporter of Republican Gov. Scott Walker — said he never talked to or met Burke during the process. He also was not contacted by her campaign before the video was released statewide.

It’s possible, he said, that Burke played some role in the projects. But he said it would have been a very minor one.

-Dan Bice, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Watchdog

Mr. Bice nails it in his October 10th post revealing the thin credentials of Mary Burke, who just this week announced her candidacy for Wisconsin Governor. Not only is Burke stretching her credibility thin regarding her time as the reviled Gov. Jim Doyle’s Commerce Secretary, her entire resume should be printed on Japanese Mulberry Paper (so thin it puts the stuff they glue to Piñatas to shame).

This late August story attempting to pump up Burke’s credentials as a respected businesswoman backfires in the eyes of any thinking reader. It’s a story of a woman who can’t hold a job in her daddy’s bike company, getting bounced from position to position until she finally takes a six-month vacation snowboarding in Argentina.

When she returned she joins the Boys and Girls Club of Madison, where she pisses off several consecutive executive directors until she finally decides to run for Madison school board, where she spent $128,000 of her own money. She’s a rich girl from a rich family who spends upwards of $92,000 more than the next highest spender campaigning for that seat in the past decade.

The media’s treated her well so far, but it’s only a matter of time until it wears thin. Just because she’s had some titles in her daddy’s bike company and dimwit Doyle thought she was just incompetent enough for his cabinet – and dishonest enough to take credit for works of job creation she had nothing to do with – doesn’t mean she can claim to know a whit about creating jobs in Wisconsin.

On another note: 

“It’s what people are asking for. It’s what they deserve,” Walker said. “The taxpayers of the state helped us create the surplus, it’s only right that we draw down their property taxes.”

Gov. Scott Walker on his new property tax cut proposal

Walker rolled out his newest tax relief proposal yesterday. At $100 million, it’s a relatively small boon to property tax payers in Wisconsin, but a new direction that’s welcomed by those who work hard enough to worry about every $13, or whatever it might be, that’s taken off their tax bill.

Walker accomplishes the tax relief by increasing state aid to school districts but not allowing them to raise property taxes in their districts. That’s a win-win proposition.

The left and their allies in the media, especially the miserably boring AP piece, are not excited at all, essentially saying it’s a reaction to Mary Burke’s candidacy. The same people who decry the Tea Party’s so-called extremism when it comes to government largess imply Walker’s tax cut isn’t deep enough to satisfy people. It’s only a bite of a Snicker’s bar just after an hour at the gym.

As evidenced by our earlier commentary about Mary Burke’s underwhelming credentials for governor, Mr. Walker has nothing to worry about from her. As for Main Street Wisconsin, we appreciate any politician who gives us whatever relief he feasibly can, even if the lefties pounding at his door make it difficult to do more.

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